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Vorlesungsreihe im Wintersemester 2017/2018

The Coordination Unit 
"Sustainable Development in International Cooperation"
of the University of Bonn 


the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

invite you to the lecture series

"Renewable Future"

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The lecture series „Renewable Future“ is organized by the Coordination Unit „Sustainable Development in International Cooperation“ of the University of Bonn and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). In the lecture series, international experts will analyze and discuss the political, technological, financial, socioeconomic, commercial and regional challenges on the way to a future powered by renewable energy. 

The Coordination Unit „Sustainable Development in International Cooperation“ of the University of Bonn was originally funded by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The goals of the Coordination Unit are to foster networks and synergies with stakeholders from Bonn and North Rhine-Westphalia in the field of sustainable development, to promote the topic of sustainable development in teaching and research at the University of Bonn, to pool and strengthen activities in the field of sustainable development at the University of Bonn and to support and coordinate cooperation with universities and research institutions in developing and emerging countries.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organization that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, a center of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy. IRENA promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, including bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity.

Please find a film clip on the joint lecture series between the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the University of Bonn online on YouTube.



The detailed program of the lecture series “Renewable Future“ is available here.

A detailed description of the lectures is available here.

Certificate of Attendance 

Please note that you can earn a certificate of attendance (no ECTS) if you attend the whole lecture series (all 7 lectures). If you would like to receive a certificate, please choose the options “Alle Termine der Vorlesungsreihe” and “Certificate of Attendance” in the registration form or inform us via email.


Film Clips

The lecture series is being filmed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and the respective film clips are made publicly available on YouTube after each session:



January 25, 2018: The True Costs of Renewables (Lecture by Michael Taylor, Andrei Ilas and Pablo Ralon)

December 21, 2017: Improving Energy Access with Renewable Energy Project Facilitation (Lecture by Prof. Dr. Roland Roesch & Mr. Carlos Ruiz)

December 7, 2017: Innovation Driving the Energy Sector Transformation (Lecture by Mr. Francisco Boshell, Ms. Arina Anisie and Ms. Alessandra Salgado)

November 23, 2017: Approaches to Sustainable Bioenergy (Lecture by Mr. Jeffrey Skeer)

November 09, 2017: Island Energy Transition (Lecture by Mr. Emanuele Taibi, Mr. Peter Journeay-Kaler)

October 26, 2017: Planning for the Transformation of the Power Systems (Lecture by Dr. Asami Miketa, Mr. Francisco Gafaro) 

October 12, 2017: Accelerating the Global Energy Transition (Lecture by Dr. Dolf Gielen, Luis Janeiro)